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Eating mushrooms

  • Minestrone With Mushrooms (Found on

    Ingredients ( for 4 people)

    • 2 spoons olive oil
    • 1 handful of savoy cabbage leaves.
    • 1 potato (medium sized)
    • 3 small courgettes (thatís zucchini for the yanks out there)
    • 1 hand of dried mushrooms
    • 100 gr. Green beans
    • Salt and pepper as you like.

    Clean and wash the courgettes, cut them in a half in the sense of the length and then again in slices about a half centimeter thick. Cut out the tips and wash the green beans and cut them in pieces long about 3 cm.

    Wash the savoy cabbage leaves and cut them in stripes, eliminating the thicker part. Peel and wash the potato, cut it in 4 and then cut it in thin slices. Put everything in a deep pan, add the mushrooms kept in lukewarm water for at least half an hour, broken with your fingers in pieces (not too small). Add one and a half litre of water, salt (and eventually pepper) as much as you like, and 2 spoons olive oil.

    Bring the soup to boiling and let it cook for about 1 hour.

    Et voila- healthy, happy and light.

  • Honey Mushrooms (Found on my personal favourite)

    Coarsely chop dried mushrooms and loosely pack into some beautiful little jar which is shallow enough that you can reach its bottom with your finger. Add honey to fill all spaces. Hide in a dark, cool place and try to forget about it for a month or two. Eat by fingerful for brightened colors, elevated humor, musical enhancement, new friends and so on. When you finish a bag, add the crumbs to your mushroom honey jar. Occasionally replenish it with mushrooms and top off with honey.

    [Erowid Note: Storing fresh mushrooms in honey can lead to excess water in the honey, which can result in either rotting or fermenting. Caution should be excercised when ingesting fresh mushrooms stored in honey.]

  • Chocolate Mushrooms (submitted by mps)

    To do it you just have to melt the chocolate chunks in a pot (or buy a can already melted), put the mushrooms on some wax paper and then pour the melted chocolate over top of them. Leave it to dry for a while or stick them in the fridge to cool down. Its a good alternative for people who don't like the taste.

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